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Whether it is a classic country garden wedding, a timeless vintage wedding or stylish contemporary wedding, our beautiful pianos are ready for you. Cheshire Hire Pianos offers stunning grand pianos for hire and stylish upright pianos for hire in weddings, concerts, festivals and any other special celebrations.


Alongside our piano hire service we provide a professional piano moving service and this is included in the price so there is no additional planning for you to do to make your event just right.


We are also aware that most events take place on a Weekend and we are more than happy to provide weekend drop offs and weekend collections, even if it is a bank holiday weekend.


When hiring a piano the quality is one of the most important things - as what is the point in having a piano if it does not sound good as well as look good? We provide the finest of German pianos that have received concert standard preparation and each one produces the nicest tone.


All our pianos are modern, sometimes even brand new unless of course you request an antique piano. We have a team of 5 technicians that prepare pianos before they go out on hire and maintain the pianos between jobs.


We can even provide you with an onsite tune if you wish to be doubly sure the piano is as good as it can possibly be. 


Not for profit organisation? Talk to Cheshire Hire Pianos about sponsoring the event. Cheshire Hire Pianos hires concert standard upright pianos from as little as £120 per day.


All the pianos we offer for wedding piano hire and concert piano hire are prepared to play at concert standard - they are perfect to listen to and play, and will make a bold statement at any, Wedding, Concert, festival or special event.


Our transport team have had years of experience in all aspects of grand piano moving and upright piano moving all over th UK and beyond.  We have gained respect and contracts from some of the world's finest piano manufacturers and we now work alongside suppliers such as Feurich Pianos, based in Vienna


We provide our customers a personalised and friendly service that offers the best in transport timescales and safety for your event.

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